Our core values in action

To create a healthcare system worthy of our friends and family and sustainably affordable is our North Star at Blue Shield of California. The experience we create - for our members, our partners, ourselves, and others - starts and ends with our core values; Human, Honest, and Courageous.


The first video in this series highlights Ronda Skelton, an employee who has been with Blue Shield for 25 years, and is Supervisor of the FEP Customer Service Department. Ronda says that, "To me, being human means being kind, caring and being compassionate about the things you love in life."


In this second video of our series, we hear from our Director of Industry Initiatives, Shruti Kothari. She says that, "To live the Blue Shield value of honest is living your truth. It is doing what you say you're going to do, and when it doesn't work out and you fall short, you acknowledge it and you do better next time."


In our third video, we hear from Edward Gonzales, Senior Voice Engineer, who says, "To be courageous means stepping outside one's comfort zone, to lead, change, and challenge the status quo."

If you'd like to join a company that values being human, honest and courageous, we welcome you to view our open career opportunities at Blue Shield of California.