Our mission and values

At Blue Shield of California, we are leading that change. As a nonprofit health plan, our mission is to ensure all Californians have access to high-quality health care at an affordable price. 

The experience we create - for our members, our partners, ourselves, and others - starts and ends with our core values. Together and infused with our leadership model, human, honest, and courageous, embody the evolution of our values, connect us to who we are today, and bring us closer to our customers.


View our job opportunities

View our job opportunities

Adopting an agile mindset

Adopting an agile mindset

Blue Shield is committed to agile methods and an agile mindset across the enterprise, introducing new ways of working as we transform health care. 

By breaking down functional silos and iterating to adjust work as needed, teams can innovate, improve, and drive the best results faster than with older methods and mindsets.
Stand for what's right

Stand for what's right

As one of California’s largest health plans, Blue Shield is uniquely positioned to make a positive impact in the communities where we live and work.

Standing for what’s right is about doing the right thing and taking a stand on important issues affecting the health and well-being of our employees, members, and communities.
Health Reimagined
Launched in 2020, Health Reimagined is Blue Shield of California’s innovative plan to transform the healthcare system.
Fast facts
View our fact sheet to see key statistics about our members, employees, revenue, community investments and more.
Leadership team
Profiles of our Leadership team, Board of Directors, and Management team serving the healthcare industry.

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