How Blue Shield and the Disability Inclusion Alliance support our people with disabilities

Blue Shield provides a diverse, equitable, and inclusive work environment where all people are met with the resources and accommodations needed to do meaningful work each day.

According to Amanda Sedo, Manager of Medicare, Dedicated Operations, “As someone with a pain disorder, there’s some days where I’m just not gonna make it into the office. So, I feel really awesome that Blue Shield was able to adapt to that.”

To support our people with disabilities, we offer a variety of health insurance benefits, on-demand mental health support, stress relief tips through Headspace, various work accommodations for each individual need, and an employee resource group (ERG), called the Disability Inclusion Alliance. We also provide our teams with education on this topic company-wide.

“When I got that PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) diagnosis, my first thought was, ‘I am broken’ and that is simply not true,” says Jennifer Brenner, Principal Program Manager of Pilot Implementation and Expansion. She continues that, “We’re trying to say it is okay to be disabled.” Jennifer also notes that, “I’ve never been more accepted than at Blue Shield of California.”

We stand for nurturing an inclusive, diverse workplace environment that embraces and values everyone’s unique talents and perspectives. When it comes to pay, Blue Shield provides equal pay for our people regardless of disability, race, gender, age, creed, appearance, national origin, or anything other than the skillsets, experiences, and talents they bring.

“I felt like there’s finally a place for people like me,” says Amy Holmes, Market Research Consultant of Product Marketing.

Disability Inclusion Alliance co-chair, Alicia Corey, Business Requirements and Delivery Lead of Commercial Markets, states that, “I’m really proud of what Disability Inclusion Alliance has been able to do to create safe spaces where our colleagues can bring their whole selves to work.”

Other ways Blue Shield is leaning in to support employees with a disability include:

  • Ensuring there is diversity of among our workforces, including those with disabilities
  • Providing accommodations to ensure everyone has equal opportunities for success
  • Striving to consider the perspective of those with a disability in everything we do as an organization
  • Normalizing talking about disabilities to reduce stigma and make teams a safe space for employees to show up authentically and ask for what they need to be successful

“I fought depression for 25 years,” reveals Leigh Schroyer, Manager of Employee Experience. “Being able to talk about it, and having your supervisor understand the place you’re coming from is really helpful.”

At the end of the day, Blue Shield sees you for YOU.

Your skills — your talents your abilities your unique voice — and where you may need support.

Blue Shield of California is committed to providing access, equal opportunities, and reasonable accommodations for individuals with disabilities in employment, services, programs, and activities. To request accommodation prior to your application or interview, please contact RehabWest, Inc at (760) 759-7500.

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