Our people Health equity Social justice

Our people

Our work starts within our own company by creating a diverse, equitable, and inclusive workforce and workplace.
Equal pay

Equal pay

Since 2018, Blue Shield has maintained 100% pay equity across race and gender, from entry-level to senior leadership. Blue Shield is proud to have a 0% pay-ratio gap, so all employees can count on equal pay for equal work.
Equal pay: a goal we're committed to at Blue Shield
Board diversity

Board diversity

We prioritize diversity for our board of directors. People of color make up nearly half of the board; Kristina Leslie serves as the company’s first female board chair; and women serve as chairs of four of the board’s five standing committees.
Diverse recruitment

Diverse recruitment

We are creating new pipeline programs focusing on attracting and supporting diverse candidates from high school initiatives and graduate-level fellowships in collaboration with the California State University and University of California systems and community nonprofits.
UC Berkeley Public Health Fellowship Program

Social justice

Blue Shield of California advocates for social justice by calling out what is wrong and standing for what is right. We are using our voice and our actions to effect positive and meaningful social change in our communities.
Investing in our communities

Investing in our communities

We invest in nonprofit groups who are trusted within communities of color to advance equity, lift up Californians disproportionately impacted by the pandemic, and work to dismantle structural racism.
Blue Shield of California Foundation
Investing in youth mental health

Investing in youth mental health

We’re expanding our BlueSky youth mental health initiative to increase access to high-quality mental health care, especially for Black and Latinx youth.
BlueSky youth mental health
Caring for our environment

Caring for our environment

We announced our NextGen sustainability goals in 2021, aimed at safeguarding the health of the next generation and supporting health equity. We achieved carbon neutrality in 2020; our future goals include being carbon negative by 2023 and zero-waste operations by 2025.
More than 60%

of leadership is female

More than 45%

of leadership is ethnically diverse

More than 55%

of our employees are people of color

Our employee resource groups

We have eight vibrant employee resource groups representing all generations, women, Veterans, Black, Hispanic and/or Latinx, Asian, disabled, and LGBTQ+ employees and their allies. These groups are established and run by employees at all levels of our organization and provide cultural education, career development, and networking opportunities as well as other relevant programming. They not only bring their members together to better understand, value, and respect each other, they are also an important extension of our Blue Shield Brand, volunteering and serving as ambassadors at events such as the Kingdom Day Parade, Pride, and Veteran Stand Down events, and many, many more. 40% of Blue Shield employees belong to one or more employee resource groups.
Black Employee Network ¡Unidos! Operation Vet Elevating Women Disability Inclusion Alliance Asian Pacific Alliance Pride Generations Alliance

Black Employee Network

In the Black Employee Network, we create an inclusive and diverse work community by increasing the recruitment, retention, and advancement of Black employees at Blue Shield of California and advocating community involvement through volunteerism.

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The ¡Unidos! mission is to make Blue Shield an inclusive, diverse, and great place to work by recruiting, developing, promoting, and retaining Hispanic/Latino talent at all levels.

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Operation Vet

Operation Vet increases awareness of the military community through the recruitment, support and development of military veterans and their families at Blue Shield of California. We strengthen partnerships and foster an enhanced experience for all employees and members while supporting our organizational commitment to provide quality, affordable health care to all Californians.

Elevating Women

Elevating Women’s mission is to engage women and men to advocate for and support the development and success of women leaders at all levels through promoting a culture of diversity and inclusion for all.

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Disability Inclusion Alliance

Disability Inclusion Alliance promotes an abilities-inclusive organization by sharing resources, assessing our accessibility, improving the workplace environment, promoting a diverse workforce, providing networking opportunities, and partnering with community organizations. We aim to empower employees with disabilities or who have families and friends with disabilities; as well as those with a passion to learn more about disability-related topics.

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Asian Pacific Alliance

The Asian Pacific Alliance’s mission is to recruit, develop, and advance Blue Shield of California Asian employees to fulfill the organizational commitment to provide quality affordable healthcare to all Californians while increasing cultural awareness, supporting our communities, and making Blue Shield a great place to work.

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Pride embraces diversity and inclusion in multiple facets, focusing on increasing networking, volunteerism, recruitment, retention, social opportunities, advancement, and awareness of the LGBTQ+ and ally community within our company.

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Generations Alliance

The vision of the Generations Alliance is to foster an age-friendly environment that supports intergenerational collaboration and the differentiated needs of workers in all life stages while working at Blue Shield. We intend to fight ageism in all its' forms.

Paul Markovich, President and CEO

“Diversity, equity, and inclusion, by its very nature, changes and creates new challenges over time. Our work is never done, and we will not stop. I believe this goes beyond being the right thing to do, but it is a necessary part of providing health care worthy of our friends and family.”

- Paul Markovich, President and CEO