Blue Shield of California is proud to celebrate the achievements and contributions of our people and members of Asian American and Pacific Islander descent, not only during Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month this May, but all year round. One of the ways we do this is in partnership with our employee resource group, Asian Pacific Alliance. This group has a mission of recruiting, developing, and advancing our people of Asian or Pacific Islander background to fulfill our commitment to providing quality, affordable, healthcare to all Californians while increasing cultural awareness, supporting our communities, and making Blue Shield a great place to do meaningful work.  

In speaking with some of the members of Asian Pacific Alliance, we were able to get a greater idea of how working at Blue Shield and being a member of this employee resource group has been beneficial to each of them. Here’s a bit on what they had to say when we met to make this video: 

  • Matthew Evearitt, social media specialist, was born in Seoul, Korea. His adoptive parents brought him to the US when he was two years old. He says, “At Blue Shield of California, something that is embraced is diversity, is inclusion.” He continues that the Asian Pacific Alliance employee resource group is “a group for Asian Americans and allies to feel a sense of community.” He also notes that, “Representation matters. For me, as a kid not seeing that, it’s something that I want kids now to be able to see. I want them to feel empowered and to know they can do it too.” 
  • Đoan Hoàng, principal of strategic planning and performance, immigrated to the United States from Vietnam when she was in high school. She states that, “Blue Shield of California has a huge impact on its employees.” She continues that she’s grateful to have many female mentors that really helped her to see who she is as a person and empowered her with leadership skills.  
  • Kaye Monty, principal human resources business partner, immigrated to the US from the Philippines when she was nearly 11. She reflects on her time spent working at other companies where she was the only Asian or the only woman on the team. She says that “to be in a place where you’re not the only one changes the way you feel.” 
  • Sameer Mohammed, concierge of Customer Care, was born in Sacramento, California. As a young person, he recalled feeling and sounding American, but noticing he didn’t look like the majority of his peers. He shared in Kaye’s sentiment of feeling different at Blue Shield of California, stating, “It’s nice to see people that look like you succeed. I feel like I can do that too.” 

As you watch this video and hear directly from Matthew, Đoan, Kaye, and Sameer and their journeys at Blue Shield of California as employees and members of the Asian Pacific Alliance, we hope you feel inspired to learn more about our employee resource groupscheck out our open career opportunities, and apply.