A LinkedIn Live event with Lisa Davis, Senior Vice President & Chief Information Officer

Lisa Davis, Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer of Blue Shield of California, leads a team of more than 1300 IT professionals who are working to bring healthcare into the digital age. 

Lisa states that, "This is such an exciting time to be part of a mission-driven non-profit like Blue Shield. I joined our organization over a year ago in 2020, and have the privilege of leading a team of over 1300 IT professionals. Our IT organization is playing a key role in helping bring Blue Shield into the digital age."

Watch Lisa speak with Cicely Hamilton on LinkedIn Live about all things IT and how it, "starts with a foundation of trust."

Lisa states that, "Every company today is a data and technology company, because our strategies in our market success and viability is dependent on the use of digital technologies in terms of how we engage with our customers and the experience and expectations that our customers have. No matter what industry it is. And in healthcare, what the pandemic has shown us is that our customers are demanding a more retail experience, just like we saw with the rise of telehealth, it would never have been a hit prior to the pandemic, but it became a necessity. It became very much leveraged by customers in terms of seeking help from their medical professionals." 

When asked if she had any advice on how women can advance their careers in IT, Lisa said, "I have been passionate about not only women, but diversity, and building the technology pipeline, so we have an incredible amount of work to do even as a female CIO, I think the numbers are at the numbers when I started over 20 years ago, if not less, of females in the industry. So we all need to reach back. Certainly, I feel that's very important in my role as a leader, is to continue reaching back and pulling women forward." Lisa continued that, "Girls want to change the world, they want to have an impact, so how do you create role models and experiences to show them that with technology you can change the world?" 

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