Today, March 14, 2023, is Equal Pay Day – highlighting how far into the year women must work, on average, to earn what men earned in the previous year. We mark this day to bring awareness to the persistent inequalities that exist today and to hold ourselves accountable in doing our part to close the pay gap. Here at Blue Shield of California, we strive to create a diverse workplace that reflects the communities that we serve, where all of our people feel seen, valued, empowered, and compensated based on the unique set of skills and experience they bring to our organization.

Currently, across the nation, women earn an average of 82 cents per every dollar that men earn. Unfortunately, pay gaps persist across the educational spectrum – the more educated a woman is, the greater her pay gap will be for the same role compared to what a man makes with the same education.

The pay gap is most significant for women of color, with Black women making 60 cents on the dollar of what a White, non-Hispanic man makes, while Hispanic women make 55 cents on the dollar.

The Institute for Women’s Policy Research estimates that it will not be until 2059 that we will see a closing of the pay gap in the US. On a global scale, many believe it will take over 250 years to close the pay gap between gender and ethnicity.

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Our mission is to ensure all Californians have access to care that is worthy of our family and friends. The only way to do that is to disrupt and innovate in all areas of health care and in our business. We value all and believe in pay equity for all as we work to make a difference in the lives of our people and members each day.

If you’d like to work for an organization that values you for the talents and skills you bring to the table and will not offer you lower wages due to your gender or ethnicity, we welcome you to view our available career opportunities and apply for a role at Blue Shield of California.