Blue Shield is dedicated to making work-life balance a reality. Whether you prefer to work in an office or from home, we understand flexibility is more important than ever. That’s why Blue Shield is a hybrid company, offering you the opportunity to decide where you can do your best and most meaningful work.

Hybrid worker

Hybrid worker

You work in a business unit approved office a few times per year to 3 days per week, on average. In-office time may be allocated by days or by teams, or on an as needed basis.

Blue Shield supports you in making sure your work from-home setup is safe, sound, and sets you up for success.
Office worker

Office worker

The role of our office space has changed over time and we know flexibility is key. We use our office spaces primarily as places for collaboration and co-creation, versus places for people to do ‘heads down’ work.

You prefer to come into a business unit approved office 4+ days a week, on average. If the role you’re applying for is deemed an “Essential Role”, the company has determined that the role can only be performed in a Blue Shield office or in the field and would require your to meet the office worker classification.

How we do it

Health and safety

We're being more cautious than you might see in your communities. Our decisions are based in science and focused on protecting the health and safety of our employees. We are a learning organization and we will continue to evaluate our protocols to ensure we're doing all we can to support our employees and comply with our regulatory requirements.

Facilities and workplaces

The role of our office space has changed over time. Our Blue Shield offices are intended to be used for collaboration, interaction, and productivity. We have designed our offices to ensure all our employees have a comfortable space to do their best work, including assigned and hoteling workspaces, conference rooms, and open areas to collaborate.


Our Blue Shield offices feature technology and workspaces that are conducive to both collaboration and focused individual work. When you come into our offices to work, you will have access to new technology that makes your in-office experience easier.

Workplace model FAQ

Where space allows, Blue Shield will accommodate every employee with a desire to be in the office.
Yes, there will be secure lockers for employees to store items of value for hoteling offices. They are to be used on a day-by-day basis. You will not be able to store items overnight or over the course of a week in the lockers. Your badge will be able to open and close the lockers. More information will be available soon.